Participant Application Cover Sheet

Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshops

Summer Seminars and Institutes

A completed application consists of three copies of the following collated items:

  • the completed application cover sheet;
  • a résumé or short biography with contact information for professional reference(s) (one for Landmarks Workshops and two for Seminars and Institutes); and
  • an application essay (no longer than two double-spaced pages for Landmarks Workshops and four doubled-spaced pages for Seminars and Institutes).

Individual applicants are allowed to apply to up to TWO separate projects (seminars, institutes, and/or Landmarks workshops); however, they may participate in only ONE project per summer.

Note that filling out a cover sheet is not the same as applying, so there is no penalty for changing your mind and filling out a cover sheet for several projects. A full application consists of all of the items listed above, as sent to the project director. Please send your completed application to the project director; do not send it to NEH.

You must submit a separate cover sheet online for each project to which you are applying in order to generate a unique tracking number for each application. Do not copy and paste a new cover sheet.

The application cover sheet must be completed in one sitting. If you are inactive for over two hours, your work will no longer be available for editing. We estimate that it will take you 15 minutes to complete a cover sheet. Incomplete or inaccurate applications may be deemed ineligible.

Please indicate whether you are applying to participate in