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African Americans in the Making of Early New EnglandLynne Manring
Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia: The Voices of Women in Literature, Cinema, and Other Arts since IndependenceJoseph Krause
America's Industrial Revolution at The Henry FordChristian Overland
America's Reconstruction: The Untold StoryJoseph Morris
American Material Culture: Nineteenth-Century New YorkCatherine Whalen
American Women at WarMia Nagawiecki
Beyond East and West: the Early Modern World, 1400-1800Ibrahim Sahin
Bridging National Borders in North AmericaBenjamin Johnson
City/Nature: Urban Environmental HumanitiesThaisa Way
Crafting Freedom: African-American Entrepreneurs in the Antebellum SouthLaurel Sneed
Crossroads of Conflict: Contested Visions of Freedom and the Missouri-Kansas Border WarsDiane Mutti Burke
Diverse Philosophical Approaches to Sexual ViolenceAnn Cahill
Elizabeth Bishop and the Literary ArchiveBethany Hicok
Emily Dickinson: Person, Poetry, and PlaceBrooke Steinhauser
Emmanuel Levinas on Morality, Justice, and the PoliticalRichard Cohen
ExistentialismThomas Wartenberg
Following in Ancient Footsteps: The Hopewell in OhioElizabeth Hedler
Foreign Exchanges: The U.S. and the Wider World in the Twentieth CenturyAnn Marie Gleeson
From Harlem to Hip-hop: African-American History, Literature, and SongLaura Nash
From Mesa Verde to Santa Fe: Pueblo Identity in the SouthwestSharon Milholland
Gender, the State, and the 1977 International Women’s Year ConferenceNancy Young
Grand Coulee Dam: The Intersection of Modernity and Indigenous CulturesDorothy Zeisler-Vralsted
Gullah Voices: Traditions and TransformationsRobert Stephens
Islam in Asia: Traditions and TransformationsPeter Hershock
Johann Sebastian Bach and the Music of the Reformation ChurchesHilde Binford
Jump at the Sun: Zora Neale Hurston and Her Eatonville RootsJacqueline May
King Lear and Shakespeare StudiesRichard Strier
Living and Writing Deliberately: The Concord Landscapes and Legacy of Henry ThoreauJayne Gordon
Making Modernism: Literature and Culture in Twentieth-Century Chicago, 1893-1955Liesl Olson
Manifest Destiny Reconsidered: The Utah ExperienceRobert Goldberg
Mapping A New World: Places of Conflict and Colonization in Seventeenth-Century New EnglandMichelle LeBlanc
Migration and Empire: The Roman Experience From Marcus Aurelius to MuhammadRichard Talbert
Mississippi in the National Civil Rights NarrativeRico Chapman
Muslim American Identities, Past and PresentEdward Curtis
Native American and African-American Educational Experiences in Kansas, 1830-1960Cassandra Mesick
New Orleans: Music, Culture, and Civil RightsRebecca Snedeker
On Native Grounds: Studies of Native American Histories and the LandLaraine Fletcher
Philosophers of Education: Major Thinkers from the Enlightenment to the PresentPeter Gibbon
Political and Constitutional Theory for CitizensWilliam Harris
Punishment, Politics, and CultureAustin Sarat
Re-enchanting Nature: Humanities PerspectivesChris Fuller
Recognizing an Imperfect Past: History, Memory and the American PublicStan Deaton
Religious Worlds of New York: Teaching the Everyday Life of American Religious DiversityHenry Goldschmidt
Rethinking Area Studies Through the Modern Asian NovelDonald Lopez
Rethinking the Gilded Age and Progressivisms: Race, Capitalism, and Democracy, 1877-1920Rachel Allmen
Scholarship and Performance: Teaching Shakespeare's PlaysKatie Beganics
Slavery in the Colonial NorthJacqueline Simmons
Space, Place, and the HumanitiesElizabeth Dillon
Tales from the Chihuahuan Desert: Borderlands NarrativesRodrigo Rodriguez
Teaching Native American HistoriesAlice Nash
Teaching the "Long Hot Summer" of 1967 and Beyond: Racial Disturbances in Recent US HistoryShawn Alexander
Teaching the Religions of the WorldJames Laine
The American Skyscraper: Transforming Chicago and the NationJennifer Masengarb
The Formation and Re-formation of the Book: 1450-1650Mark Rankin
The Immigrant Experience in California through Literature and TheaterMatthew Spangler
The Long Road from Brown: School Desegregation in VirginiaYonghee Suh
The Most Southern Place on Earth: Music, History, and Culture of the Mississippi DeltaRolando Herts
The Political Theory of Hannah Arendt: A Public Intellectual in the Public SquareKathleen Jones
The Rochester Reform Trail: Women's Rights, Religion, and Abolition on the Genesee River and Erie CanalJose Torre
The Transcontinental Railroad: Transforming California and the NationLouis Warren
Transcendentalism and Reform in the Age of Emerson, Thoreau, and FullerSandra Petrulionis
Voices from the Misty MountainsSylvia Shurbutt
What Did Independence Mean For Women, 1776-1876?Lori Ginzberg
What Happened to the Civil Rights Movement?Henry Gates
What is Gained in Translation: Learning How to Read Translated TextsFrancoise Massardier-Kenney
Women Making Change: Activism and Progressivism at the Turn of the Twentieth CenturyPenni Martorell

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