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Coverage for grant HAA-258717-18

The London Stage Database
Mattie Burkert, Utah State University

Grant details:

"The Bard's Ascent: When Was Greatness Thrust upon William Shakespeare?" (Media Coverage)
Author(s): James Tozer
Publication: The Economist
Date: 10/26/2019
Abstract: This article analyzes data from the London Stage Database to track the 18th-century growth in Shakespeare's popularity. Trends in the performances of specific plays during that period are compared with current-day trends, as reflected in UK Theatre Web. The article features several graphics created using the full JSON dataset downloaded from the London Stage Database website.

Review of the London Stage Database (Review)
Author(s): Fiona Ritchie
Publication: ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830
Date: 11/2/2020
Abstract: The London Stage Database is an open-access and open-source website that digitises the performance records contained in the print volumes of the London Stage, published in the 1960s. The database's flexible search function and intuitive interface open up new directions in research and will change the way we think about eighteenth-century theatre.

Burkert, Mattie, principal investigator and project dir. The London Stage Database. (Review)
Author(s): Renae Satterley
Publication: Renaissance and Reformation
Date: 10/22/2021
Abstract: Review of the London Stage Database appearing in the journal's "Digital Resource Reviews" section.