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Conference Transcript
Grant details: MB-50098-10
Title: Conference Transcript
Writer: CSPC
Abstract: Civility Conference Transcript
Year: 2011
Primary URL:

Kill the Rabbits: A Stage Adaptation
Grant details: BC-50565-10
Title: Kill the Rabbits: A Stage Adaptation
Writer: Tiphanie Yanique
Director: David Edgecombe
Producer: V.I. Humanities Council
Abstract: It is the night of Easter Sunday. I’ve already been to chapel and received God on my tongue. I sit in the cell with my lights off. Everyone’s light is off. I wait for the man with the cross to begin his walk. He’s been doing it once a year for the whole 12 years I’ve been in here. Carnival is coming in a few weeks. During Carnival I can hear all the music and try hard to get a glimpse of Xica.
Year: 2011

Do Lord Remember Me - 10 min. excerpt
Grant details: BC-50565-10
Title: Do Lord Remember Me - 10 min. excerpt
Writer: James de Jongh
Director: David Edgecombe
Producer: V.I. Humanities Council
Abstract: “Firsthand memories of former slaves, recorded in the late 1930’s under the Federal Writer’s Project, form the basis [of this] moving evocation of shared servitude”
Year: 2011

Shared Stories: A Pilot Play
Grant details: GE-50536-11
Title: Shared Stories: A Pilot Play
Writer: Linda Daugherty
Director: Nancy Schaeffer
Producer: The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Abstract: Shared Stories, a play inspired by The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza's oral history collection, follows Angela and D.J. as they investigate a mysterious old document while listening to memories of individuals who lived through the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. In the process of searching for answers, Angela and D.J. fall under the spell of the powerful voices and images from the past, and ultimately, discover the value in every story.
Year: 2012

American Reds: The Failed Revolution
Grant details: TD-50460-12
Title: American Reds: The Failed Revolution
Writer: Richard Wormser
Director: Richard Wormser
Producer: Richard Wormser and Bill Jersey
Abstract: "American Reds: the Failed Revolution" is the first comprehensive documentary to examine the Communist Party USA between its rise to become the foremost radical group in America during the Great Depression and its fall during the Cold War. Its influence extended far beyond its numbers because of its opposition to racism, exploitation of workers, fascism and injustice. The program is unique because it draws upon interviews videotaped with members, former members and sympathizers in the 1980s. Television audiences will learn how and why communist ideology fostered such passionate devotion and generated such intense hostility; why communism was at the center of so many national debates and ultimately how this past struggle illuminates the way Americans today perceive fundamental issues such as free speech, national security, ideology, government social programs and civil rights.
Year: 2012

Geographies of Kinship - The Korean Adoption Story
Grant details: TW-50135-11
Title: Geographies of Kinship - The Korean Adoption Story
Writer: Deann Borshay Liem and Laurie Coyle
Director: Deann Borshay Liem
Producer: Deann Borshay Liem
Abstract: Geographies of Kinship-The Korean Adoption Story is a 90-minute documentary that will explore the history of transnational adoptions of Korean children from the 1950s to the present, the role these adoptions played in the transformation of Korean postwar society, and the impact they have had on the ongoing evolution of family formation in the West. Interweaving elements of historical narrative, contemporary scholarship and character-driven stories, Geographies of Kinship will examine the complex interplay of geopolitics, transracial adoption, and cross-cultural kinship in our increasingly globalized world.
Year: 2013
Primary URL Description: The script has been uploaded as an appendix to the final performance report dated 8/28/13.

Les Voyageurs Sans Trace (Voyagers Without Trace) Script
Grant details: TD-50564-13
Title: Les Voyageurs Sans Trace (Voyagers Without Trace) Script
Writer: Ian McCluskey
Director: Ian McCluskey
Producer: NW Documentary
Abstract: In 1938, three young Parisians arrived in the American West with kayaks, cameras, and beer. They had a bold, even foolhardy plan: be the first to take kayaks down the wild Green and Colorado rivers. They recorded their journey, creating the first adventure film shot in vivid color. But the reels go unseen for 75 years, until filmmaker Ian McCluskey spots a photo of the trio on a roadside marker. His curiosity sends him on a historical treasure hunt, learning to paddle the same waters and searching for clues. What led an explorer, his new bride, and his best friend halfway around the world on the eve of World War II? What secrets do flooded canyons and a weathered journal still hold? Ian traces the trio's wake back to Europe, uncovering unexpected connections to the French Resistance, the advent of the French Riviera, and the possibilities that free- spirited risk-taking offers to all.
Year: 2014
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Official website for the documentary film, Les Voyageurs Sans Trace (Voyagers Without Trace). Includes: synopsis, trailer, photos, supporters, and blog.
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: Official website of NW Documentary, a 501c3 arts organization with a mission to create original documentaries of historic significance and artistic excellence, and to teach others to do the same.

Production Script, Modernism Inc.
Grant details: TD-250065-16
Title: Production Script, Modernism Inc.
Writer: Jason Cohn
Director: Jason Cohn
Producer: Jason Cohn
Abstract: Modernism, Inc. is a one-hour documentary intended for public television and other outlets that tells the story of Eliot Noyes, the iconic midcentury architect and designer who built the design programs for some of America’s most powerful postwar corporations. The film weaves Noyes’ story with the broader context of corporate America’s fulsome embrace of modernism during the period of postwar economic expansion and culminates in the under-documented backlash against Noyes and his generation of modernists during the countercultural upheaval of the Vietnam era. The life and work of Eliot Noyes in our telling is a vehicle to explore the much larger story of the intersection of postwar business, technology and design, a story that continues to resonate in the contemporary context.
Year: 2018

Datasets for the Philadelphia Playbills Project
Grant details: HAA-255999-17
Title: Datasets for the Philadelphia Playbills Project
Writer: Laura Aydelote
Director: Laura Aydelotte
Producer: Laura Aydelotte
Producer: George Gordon
Abstract: Two Linked Open Data sets in json-ld format available on GitHub. One was produced from the structured transcriptions of the sample set of 700 Philadelphia Playbills. The other is data for the digital images in the Furness Theatrical Image Collection at Penn Libraries.
Year: 2019
Primary URL:

Marian Anderson: The Whole World in Her Hands
Grant details: TD-261142-18
Title: Marian Anderson: The Whole World in Her Hands
Writer: Rita Coburn and Philip Gittelman
Director: RIta Coburn
Producer: Philip Gittelman
Abstract: A script of a documentary film about the life and legacy of the extraordinary singer Marian Anderson (1897-1993), who overcame great obstacles to be a leading international musician, and a symbol for the civil rights movement in the United States.
Year: 2019