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Products for grant AA-277700-21

Creating a Committee for Manuscript, Rare Book, and Archive Studies
Marina Rustow, Princeton University

Grant details:

MARBAS website (Web Resource)
Title: MARBAS website
Author: Marina Rustow
Author: Stephanie Luescher
Author: Ksenia Ryzhova
Abstract: Our website serves is our main platfrom for aggreggating and disseminating information on relevant courses, events, resources, news, training and funding opportunities in the humanities.
Year: 2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This is the home page for the MARBAS website.
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: Our resource list includes digitized collections, study guides, 3D models, image banks (and more) to help make premodern objects accessible regardless of proximity to archives, museums and other repositories.

Pythagoras, Paper & Parchment: The Square Root of 2 in Medieval Page Design (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: Pythagoras, Paper & Parchment: The Square Root of 2 in Medieval Page Design
Abstract: This was the inagural presentation for the PUL (Princeton University Library) & MARBAS Present...event series in the spring of 2022. It has since been followed by two other presentations, with two more planned for after the annual progress report submission date (4/30/2022). At each of these events, a presenter (or presenters) briefly introduce(s) one item from Princeton's Special Collections, followed by a lengthy discussion with audience members. Interaction with premodern objects is actively encouraged.
Author: William Noel
Date: 03/01/2021
Location: Princeton University Library's Special Collections
Primary URL:

Arabic Manuscripts Workshop (Conference/Institute/Seminar)
Title: Arabic Manuscripts Workshop
Author: Marina Rustow
Author: Luke Yarbrough
Abstract: This week-long workshop was led by leading authorities in the historical, philological and material study of Arabic manuscripts. The workshop equipped emerging scholars with the basic tools to conduct research using original handwritten texts in Arabic script. Over the course of four days, participants learned the basics of codicology, palaeography, and manuscript production and circulation, and received exposure to an expansive vision of current debates in Arabic manuscript research. Topics included: anatomy of the codex; text blocks, colophons, audition notes, owners' notes, readers’ notes; supports, inks, bindings; scribes and other craftspeople; scripts, canonical and informal; strategies for decipherment; technical terminology; transmission practices and patterns; digital collections; contemporary ethics and best practices. Twenty Ph.D. candidates and recent post-docs from universities in the US, Europe, and the Middle East, selected from among more than 350 applicants, participated in the workshop. They were joined by webinar registrants from more than 44 countries, including Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Malta, Morocco, Lebanon, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, and Uzbekistan.
Date Range: 08/23/21-08/27/21
Location: Zoom
Primary URL: