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Humanities Teaching and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection at Morehouse College
Vicki Crawford, Morehouse College

Grant details:

Presentation (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Presentation
Author: Dr. Vicki Crawford
Abstract: A presentation to be delivered to the John Lewis Fellows affiliated with the international organization, Humanity in Action, a global network of university students and young professionals committed to promoting human rights, diversity and active citizenship. Dr. Crawford's presentation is on the Relevancy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 21st Century."
Date: 07/13/2016
Conference Name: Humanity in Action

Conference Paper (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Conference Paper
Author: Dr. Vicki Crawford
Abstract: Dr. Crawford will deliver a paper presentation on "Exploring Social Justice Through Southern Archives," with particular focus on the current teaching, research and scholarship underway in the Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection. She will also discuss the research opportunities available through the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Papers housed at Emory University.
Date: 08/05/2015
Conference Name: 2016 Society of American Archivists (SAA)