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Products for grant AC-253408-17

Meanings of War: Its Technologies and Aftermaths
Naomi Stubbs, CUNY Research Foundation, LaGuardia Community College

Grant details:

The Age of Hate (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: The Age of Hate
Abstract: The seizure of government by corporate power has paralyzed the mechanisms by which piecemeal and incremental reform is possible. Year after year, month after month, working men and women are endure chronic underemployment and unemployment, mounting debts and the collapse of the infrastructures in their communities often because they are privatized. Rising up across the country is an inchoate hatred and what sociologists call diseases of despair seen in the widespread opioid crisis, the suicide rates, mass shootings and far-right hate groups. None of these ills will diminish until we reestablish social bonds and reintegrate people back into an economy where they can have security, including health insurance and pensions, and a living wage.
Author: Chris Hedges
Date: 10/17/2017
Location: LaGuardia, CUNY, NYC

Justifying Torture in the Public Sphere (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: Justifying Torture in the Public Sphere
Abstract: By the late twentieth century, opposition to torture was accepted as an almost universal principle. Yet after 9/11, the permissibility of torture suddenly burst onto the scene as an open question. This presentation analyses how justifications of torture entered the American public sphere via the mainstream media after 9/11, largely ignoring the possibility that torture was already occurring and framing it in hypothetical terms. Rather than grappling with the possibility that the U.S. was already torturing prisoners, media commentators posed the justification of torture as a moral and legal concern with regard to potential future action. In addition, much of this early public debate focused on the fantasy scenario of the “ticking time bomb,” in which it is imagined that a terrorist has been captured and will not reveal the location of a ticking bomb set to go off.
Author: Dr. Lisa Stampnitzky
Date: 04/10/2018
Location: LaGuardia Community College, NYC