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MakeHISTORY@Kean: William Livingston’s World
Elizabeth Hyde, Kean University

Grant details:

William Livingston, Wartime Propagandist (Blog Post)
Title: William Livingston, Wartime Propagandist
Author: Nicole Skalenko and Victor Bretones
Abstract: Analysis of Livingston's publications during the American War for Independence.
Date: 4/01/2019
Primary URL:
Website: John Jay Papers

William Livingston's Book List (Web Resource)
Title: William Livingston's Book List
Author: Kean University History Students
Abstract: A website dedicated to the digital reconstruction and analysis of William Livingston's personal library.
Year: 2019
Primary URL: http://

Teaching the History of Slavery and Enslaved People (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: Teaching the History of Slavery and Enslaved People
Author: Caleb Dagnall, Jonathan Mercantini, Elizabeth Hyde
Abstract: Website with teaching resources, including primary and secondary sources, on slavery and the enslaved in Revolutionary America.
Year: 2020
Primary URL: http://
Primary URL Description: The resources on this page – drawn from the archived letters of William Livingston and his family, John Kean and Susan Livingston Kean Nemciewicz, and Liberty Hall more broadly – allow for the exploration of a range of facets related to the history of the institution of slavery and the experiences of the enslaved in Revolutionary era America. While efforts to reconstruct the history of the enslaved at Liberty Hall are ongoing there is much work to be done before we will fully understand their lives and labor. The sources we do have must be used carefully as they are all from the perspective of white slaveholders. The Livingston family and Liberty Hall from the period of 1772-1790 provides an example of slavery in the north and the impact and limits of revolutionary ideas and rhetoric with regard to the institution of slavery. Recapturing this history is essential to understanding the institution of slavery and its impact, nationally, regionally, and locally. The resources available
Audience: General Public

Livingston and Slavery (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Livingston and Slavery
Author: Jonathan Mercantini
Abstract: William Livingston’s World – using Livingston, a Founding Father, to get beyond these traditional histories and to use him to access all of the people men and women, white and black, who inhabited his world; looked at in this way, Livingston’s world grows to include the full Livingston family, one of the most powerful and prominent in New York and referenced in The Gilded Age.
Date: 02/17/2022
Conference Name: Southeastern American 18th Century Studies Society

The First Presidential Inauguration (Blog Post)
Title: The First Presidential Inauguration
Author: Jonathan Mercantini
Author: Elizabeth Hyde
Abstract: On the eve of Inauguration Day, 2021, it is worthwhile exploring two letters from April 1789 in the Liberty Hall Collection in the Kean University Special Collections Research Library and Archives. Both letters contain details about the excitement in New York in anticipation of the inauguration of George Washington and the ceremonies of that momentous event. As the country again prepares to watch and listen as the President takes the oath of office, some of those ceremonies will sound familiar, but his year they will occur in an atmosphere unlike any other in the nation's history.
Date: 1/19/2021
Primary URL:
Blog Title: The First Inauguration
Website: Kean History Blog