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Products for grant AC-258966-18

Enriching the Latin American Studies Program
Ana Maria Hernandez, CUNY Research Foundation, LaGuardia Community College

Grant details:

HUA196 Latin American Art (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: HUA196 Latin American Art
Author: Liena Vayzman
Abstract: This course introduces students to the visual art traditions of Latin America through lecture, readings, and discussion. Topics include: pre-Hispanic art and architecture, Latina/o art, Spanish/Portuguese colonial-era art, Mexican moderism, and post-colonial art. Students analyze the meaning and techniques of selected artworks in Latin American art history through written assignments and oral presentations.
Year: 2018
Audience: Undergraduate

HUM107 Music of Latin America (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: HUM107 Music of Latin America
Author: William Fulton
Abstract: This course is a survey of the music of Latin America, from Brazilian samba to Dominican bachata and more. Latin American musical developments from the past and present will be studied to show the individual characteristics as well as the common elements within various styles, while considering the global impact of Latin Music genres. This course will expand students' understanding of world cultures and global issues through an interdisciplinary lens.
Year: 2018
Audience: Undergraduate

SSA106 Anthropology of Latin America (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: SSA106 Anthropology of Latin America
Author: Ryan Mann-Hamilton
Abstract: This course will focus on the different peoples and cultures of Latin America, including Indigenous groups, Afro descendant communities, European emigrants and other communities engaged in the formation of the category of mestizo. The social and cultural organization of each of these groups will be examined, particularly in their relationship to the larger society. The impact of the global economy on Latin American cultures will also be examined.
Year: 2018
Audience: Undergraduate

ENG249 Caribbean Literature (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: ENG249 Caribbean Literature
Author: Belkis González
Abstract: This course examines the literary and cultural production of hispanophone, francophone, and anglophone regions of the Caribbean and of the Caribbean diaspora in the U.S. It surveys the variety of Caribbean writing, exploring how its texts represent community, class, race, gender, culture, nation, and ethnicity. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, students will analyze literature alongside visual culture, musical genres, and historical narratives.
Year: 2018
Audience: Undergraduate

HUN192 Art and Society (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: HUN192 Art and Society
Author: Arianne Fernandez
Abstract: Students will create a reaction piece that will highlight an issue of their choosing in a particular neighborhood of NYC. The work must be influenced in some way by the body of work of at least one Latin American artist from the list provided by the instructor.
Year: 2018
Audience: Undergraduate

ELS250 Latin American Literature in Translation (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: ELS250 Latin American Literature in Translation
Author: Ernesto Menéndez-Conde
Abstract: This low stake assignment was developed upon attending to the Seminar Enriching Latin American Studies. This seminar helped me to understand cultural processes in Latin American in a deeper manner. It particularly helped me to be more aware of the connections between the Marvelous Real -as Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier defines the term- and transculturation, as defined by Cuban anthropologist Fernando Ortiz. I am also interested in developing interdisciplinary approaches in my Latin American Fiction in Translation (ELS250) class. With this assignment, I would like to explore the links between Alejo Carpentier’s writing and music, while helping students to appreciate Carpentier’s prose, and the links between Baroque aesthetics, transculturation and the concept of Latin American Marvelous Real.
Year: 2018
Audience: Undergraduate

HUT220 Theater of Latin America Syllabus (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: HUT220 Theater of Latin America Syllabus
Author: Juan Recondo
Abstract: This course will introduce students to theatre and performance practices throughout the Americas (U.S. Latinx community, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Hispanophone Caribbean). We will examine how the drama reflects the different histories and cultures of Latin America. Furthermore, we will explore an intercultural dialogue between national dramas to identify connections between the different Americas. The course will delve into topics dealing with politics, history, dictatorship and revolution, imperialism and colonialism, identity (gender, sexual, national, and racial/ethnic, among others), borders, mestizaje, and indigenous performances. Students will acquire a working knowledge of the scholarship and drama of Latin America and the artists’ relation to U.S. and European cultural practices.
Year: 2018
Audience: Undergraduate

SSS232 Survey of Latin American and Caribbean History Lecture on 19th and 20th Century Mexican History (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: SSS232 Survey of Latin American and Caribbean History Lecture on 19th and 20th Century Mexican History
Author: Rebecca Tally
Abstract: This meta-lecture will introduce students to salient moments in 19th and 20th century Mexican history that created patterns observable in other historical developments in Latin America at the time.
Year: 2018
Audience: Undergraduate