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NEH Enduring Questions Course on Concepts of Peace in Western and Eastern Cultures
Renee Bricker, North Georgia College and State University

Grant details:

Enduring Questions of Peace: an Undergraduate Course (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Enduring Questions of Peace: an Undergraduate Course
Author: Renee A. Bricker, Ph.D.
Abstract: This presentation is about developing and teaching an interdisciplinary course with support from an NEH Enduring Questions award for a project that asks, ‘What is peace? The course under development examines notions of peace in eastern and western contexts from ancient to modern periods with the ambition to push back against stereotyped images of ‘peaceniks.’ Nuances of its meanings conjoin with notions of justice, violence, human dignity, social and political order, tolerance, or their lack. Because our institution, the University of North Georgia, is one of six senior military colleges, though with a majority civilian student body, answers to the question of peace have pressing, practical, and current implications for economics, social justice, and global conflict.
Date: 10/10/14
Conference Name: “Peace and Human Rights in World History,” 26th Annual Southeastern World History Association (SEWHA) Conference,