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William Shakespeare as Court Dramatist
Richard Dutton, Ohio State University

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“A Jacobean Merry Wives?” (Article) [show prizes]
Title: “A Jacobean Merry Wives?”
Author: Richard Dutton
Abstract: The Folio text of Shakespeare's "Merry Wives of Windsor" (pub. 1623)has commonly been thought to have been written c. 1597, while the First Quarto version (pub. 1602) has been considered a poorly reported version of it, corrupted by "memorial reconstruction." This essay examines the likelihood that the Quarto version was written first and that the Folio version was a deliberate revision by Shakespeare for a known performance of the play at court on 4 November 1604.
Year: 2011
Format: Journal
Periodical Title: Ben Jonson Journal 18 (2011), 1-26.
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press