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Ancient Iconoclasm: Destroying the Power of Images in Greece, 480-31 B.C.
Rachel Kousser, RFCUNY - Brooklyn College

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The Afterlives of Greek Sculpture: Interaction, Transformation, and Destruction. (Book) [show prizes]
Title: The Afterlives of Greek Sculpture: Interaction, Transformation, and Destruction.
Author: Rachel Kousser
Abstract: This book is the first comprehensive historical account of the afterlives of Greek monumental sculptures. Scholars have concentrated on the creation of such images, examining issues of patronage, artistic practice, and initial reception by viewers. I analyze instead the later histories of these artworks, using archaeological and textual evidence to reconstruct the processes of damage, repair, and reparation that characterized the lives of images in the Classical and Hellenistic period. With an approach informed by anthropology as well as iconoclasm studies, I describe how damage to sculptures was part of a broader cultural context, that of the use and abuse of images in ancient Greece. At the same time, I track the development of an anti-iconoclastic discourse in Hellenic society from the Persian wars to the death of Cleopatra. This study offers a fresh perspective on the role of the image in ancient Greece; it also sheds new light on the creation of Hellenic cultural identity and the formation of collective memory in the Classical and Hellenistic eras.
Year: 2017
Access Model: available for purchase
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Type: Single author monograph
ISBN: 110769468X 9
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