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Latin Literature's Resonance in Other Languages and Traditions
Stephen Hinds, University of Washington

Grant details:

J.H. Gray Lectures (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: J.H. Gray Lectures
Abstract: Lecture 1: Paratextualizing the classical tradition Lecture 2: Parallel lives Seminar: Petrarch’s epistles to ancient authors (Fam. 24)
Author: Stephen Hinds
Date: 11/8/13
Location: Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge, UK
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: J.H. Gray Lectures archive, University of Cambridge

UW Faculty Solomon Katz Distinguished Lecture (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: UW Faculty Solomon Katz Distinguished Lecture
Abstract: 'Marvell's Latin and Wordsworth's Greek: Literature and Literalism in the Classical Tradition' Stephen Hinds investigates poetry across languages: he explores moments of connection between texts which approach the condition of translation without quite being the same thing as translation. For his Katz lecture, he examines the work of two poets: Andrew Marvell and William Wordsworth. The works of Andrew Marvell (1621-1678) contain paired English and Latin poems which were clearly meant to be read together. Focusing on Marvell’s famous The Garden alongside its lesser-known twin, Hortus, the first half of the lecture asks what is at stake when Marvell translates Latin into English, and English into Latin. William Wordsworth (1770-1850), who began and then abandoned a translation of the Aeneid, had a long and anxious relationship with the classical tradition, a relationship which can be dramatized by examining his first drafts, revisions, and deletions. The lecture’s second half visits Wordsworth’s classical laboratory, focusing on the post-Virgilian Laodamia and the Greek-inspired Dion.
Author: Stephen Hinds
Date: 2/25/14
Location: University of Washington, Seattle
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Description of this public lecture; link to a full podcast. Not included are the lecture handout and powerpoint. (I can provide these to anyone who contacts me at
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: Link to 4-minute video clip from this public lecture.

Grupo 'intertextualidade na literatura latina' / research group 'intertextuality in Latin literature' (Conference/Institute/Seminar)
Title: Grupo 'intertextualidade na literatura latina' / research group 'intertextuality in Latin literature'
Author: Stephen Hinds
Author: Stephen Harrison
Abstract: In November 2014, as part of a ‘double act’ with another senior poetic Latinist, from Oxford, I made an invited research visit to the University of Campinas in São Paulo Province, Brazil, one of the major centers of a recent nationwide expansion in Brazilian Classics, for a two-day event on poetic intertextuality in which we each gave two papers and offered consultations to the department's graduate students about international contexts for their research. My hosts had just completed a research project on the early 19th century translation of Virgil’s Aeneid into Brazilian Portuguese by Odorico Mendes, a founding event for the establishment of transatlantic Portuguese as a language with an identity and prestige separable from its European counterpart. This was an apt project for the growing Campinas department, in which, even now, a characteristic MA assignment is to produce an annotated translation of an ancient work not previously translated into Brazilian Portuguese, both as a kind of advanced basic training in Classics and as a visionary attempt to restore ancient Greek and Latin texts to the mainstream of modern Brazilian learned literary culture; the PhD assignment, after the MA, adds a research monograph to complete a published ‘package’. A week spent hovering between Latin, English and (through interpreters) Portuguese was fascinating in itself and as living context for my own research project on Poetry across Languages; and, unexpectedly, the Campinas team turned out to be the ideal audience for my work in progress on Wordsworth’s Aeneid.
Date Range: 11/17/14-11/18/14
Location: University of Campinas, Brazil