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Of Abbeys and Aldermen: Music in Ghent to 1559
Barbara Haggh-Huglo, University of Maryland, College Park

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Music and Migration as Opportunity in Medieval and Renaissance Ghent (Flanders) (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Music and Migration as Opportunity in Medieval and Renaissance Ghent (Flanders)
Author: Barbara Haggh-Huglo
Abstract: Closing lecture (conferencia de clausura) at Cologne Summer School: 'Serendipia: Migracion como oportunidad', University of Cologne, Germany The city of Ghent, the most populous north of Paris in the fourteenth century, was established with its town council around the sites of the castle of the Counts of Flanders and two very old and important Benedictine abbeys, St Bavo’s and St Peter’s, both founded in the seventh century. The turbulent history of this major Flemish city offers instructive examples of migration – of people and of music: a forced migration of the two abbey communities after Viking invasions to the refugee community of intellectuals in Laon led to defining changes in liturgy and music in Ghent in the tenth to twelfth centuries. In the thirteenth century, migrating clergy brought music for the local saints of Ghent to Prague and Pécs. Finally, between the late fifteenth century and 1559, the monks of St Bavo’s abbey were forced to migrate to the church of St John’s in Ghent, where they would constitute the chapter at St John’s, now renamed and raised in status to the cathedral of St Bavo. This migration forced the monks to adapt to their new environment by renouncing their monastic liturgy and music in favor of the internationally-renowned choral polyphony of the Low Countries, which was accomplished with assistance from leading musicians, including those of Emperor Charles V. Each of these migrations, including the first and last that were forced, proved to be opportunities for enhancing the status of the migrants by different means, which included music.
Date: 7-31-2016
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Primary URL Description: Description of the Cologne Summer School 'Serendipia: Migracion como oportunidad'
Conference Name: Serendipia: Migracion como oportunidad

Music in Medieval and Renaissance Cities in Europe: The Case of Ghent in Belgium (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Music in Medieval and Renaissance Cities in Europe: The Case of Ghent in Belgium
Author: Barbara Haggh-Huglo
Abstract: Formal abstract to be added later: I will discuss when, where, and which music was performed in the ciyty of Ghent, with examples from different centuries. I will discuss patrons of music (the town administration, the churches, the nobility, private individuals), composers, and surviving music. The purpose of this lecture is to present a clear overview of what is known about music in a single European town - to be compared during the lecture to others - so that this might later be compared with what is known of the music history of Chinese towns.
Date: 11-10-2016
Conference Name: Early Music Festival, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing China, November 8-11, 2016