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Products for grant FA-58552-15

Hollywood's Global Exhibition Empires, 1925-2013
Ross Melnick, University of California, Santa Barbara

Grant details:

Global Film Exhibition (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: Global Film Exhibition
Author: Ross Melnick
Abstract: This course examines the industrial, social, and cultural practices employed in global film exhibition venues from the 19th to the 21st century and the local, national, and transnational film cultures developed around moviegoing and other consumption activities related to cinema.
Year: 2016
Audience: Graduate

Moviegoing in America (Course or Curricular Materials)
Title: Moviegoing in America
Author: Ross Melnick
Abstract: History of film exhibition / moviegoing in the United States from the 19th to the 21st century.
Year: 2017
Audience: Undergraduate

Marquee Movies (Exhibition)
Title: Marquee Movies
Curator: Paul Malcolm
Curator: Ross Melnick
Abstract: WE USED TO GO TO THE MOVIES. NOW WE WANT THE MOVIES TO COME TO US, ON OUR TELEVISIONS, TABLETS AND PHONES, as streams running into an increasingly unnavigable ocean of media. The dispersal of movie watching across technologies and contexts follows the multiplexing of movie theaters, itself a fragmenting of the single screen theater where movie love was first concentrated and consecrated. (But even in the “good old days,” movies were often only part of an evening’s entertainment that came complete with vaudeville acts and bank nights.) For all this, movie going still means what it always meant, joining a community, forming an audience and participating in a collective dream. As the way we experience movies evolves, the Archive takes an international look at how the movies have depicted movie-going over these years of change. The selected films carry us from the anarchic, freewheeling exhibition of the early silent era, through the exalting opulence of movie palaces to the post-war rise of exploitation shockers and into the romantic nostalgia for pre-television days gone by. Whether a moviegoer in France, Italy, Argentina or Taiwan, the current sense of loss at the passing of an exhibition era takes its place in the ongoing history of cultural and industrial transformation reflected in these films. Preceding the features, this series will also present a selection of related cartoons, short subjects, theater advertisements, promotional films, trailers and other exhibition ephemera that reflect the rich mix of media that has also, always shaped our shared visions in the dark. Series co-curated by Paul Malcolm and Ross Melnick.
Year: 2016
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Marquee Movies: Movies on Moviegoing at UCLA Film and Television Archive

Warner Worldwide: Warner Bros. Theater Circuits and the Global Marketplace, 1938-2013 (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Warner Worldwide: Warner Bros. Theater Circuits and the Global Marketplace, 1938-2013
Author: Ross Melnick
Abstract: Despite the 75 year history of Warner Bros.’ global cinemas, the company’s expansive circuit remains largely forgotten. “Warner Worldwide” contrasts the company’s 20th century desire to secure key “shop window” cinemas in Europe and Latin America for Warner Bros. films with the company’s explosive growth in China during the 21st century that eventually ran afoul of local policies and politicians and led to the closure of Warners’ Chinese cinemas and the end of the company’s exhibition operations after 75 years. By examining Warner Bros.’ historical and contemporary theater chains and investments, “Warner Worldwide” reinforces the importance of studying theatrical exhibition for understanding how global distribution has been enabled by Hollywood’s operation and investments in local cinemas and chains and why, after 75 years, the company decided to end its theatrical operations abroad amid overbuilt markets, local opposition, and a changing digital landscape for film distribution.
Date: 04/03/2016
Primary URL: