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Philosophical Responses to Empiricism in Kant, Hegel, and Sellars
Willem deVries, University of New Hampshire, Durham

Grant details:

Phenomenologically Rich Thought (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Phenomenologically Rich Thought
Author: Willem A. deVries
Abstract: Wilfrid Sellars has often been thought to hold that all thought is a linguistic affair; isn’t this his infamous ‘psychological nominalism’? Though it is clear Sellars thought that language is a necessary condition of conceptual thought, he never believed that thought is always linguaform. Furthermore, I argue here, he made explicit provision for phenomenologically rich non-linguaform episodes of thought. Sellars argues that we often think in color or in sounds or tastes. Unfolding Sellars’ thought here entails examining his treatment of the imagination and its relation to both thought and sensation.
Date: 11/8/2019
Conference Name: Northern New England Philosophy Association