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Pearls for the Crown: European Courtly Art and the Atlantic Pearl Trade, 1498-1728
Monica Dominguez Torres, University of Delaware

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Pearls for the Crown: Art, Nature and Power in the Age of Spanish Empire (Book)
Title: Pearls for the Crown: Art, Nature and Power in the Age of Spanish Empire
Author: Monica Dominguez Torres
Abstract: In the age of Spanish expansion, pearls became potent symbols of imperial supremacy. Since direct access to the marine gems depended on political dominion over remote pearling grounds and the workforce needed for their extraction, pearls were appreciated not only for their beauty and price, but also for their ideological connotations. "Pearls for the Crown" studies a selection of under-studied artworks connected to the Spanish American pearl industry in order to examine the interplay between materiality, labor, and power that drove artistic production in the early modern period. In particular, it shows how each of these artifacts articulated early modern ideas about imperial expansion, providential wealth, European supremacy, and human mastery over nature, all notions of crucial importance in courtly circles linked to the Spanish empire.
Year: 2023
Access Model: Primarily sold to research libraries
Publisher: Penn State University Press
Type: Single author monograph
Copy sent to NEH?: No