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Humility: A History of a Lost Virtue
Christopher Bellitto, Kean University

Grant details:

History is an exercise in humility (Blog Post)
Title: History is an exercise in humility
Author: Christopher M. Bellitto
Abstract: History reminds us that things don’t always get endlessly better. As a colleague of mine says, “It’s always fun until the historians show up.” When you hear people start sentences with phrases like, “For the first time in history …” or “Never before has …” — that’s when historians push the pause button. We bust myths. We pop balloons. We’re annoying, but humility is a virtue that history can teach.
Date: 11/10/2021
Primary URL: http://
Primary URL Description: Fordham University Center for Religion and Culture

Visiting Scholar, Princeton Theological Seminary (Staff/Faculty/Fellow Position)
Name: Visiting Scholar, Princeton Theological Seminary
Abstract: I was a Visiting Scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary during the time of this NEH grant, which allowed me to use the library for research and writing. There was no income involved, but I was given an office, library access, and privileges for scanning, printing, and borrowing.
Year: 2021

Sabbatical, Kean University (Staff/Faculty/Fellow Position)
Name: Sabbatical, Kean University
Abstract: As a result of the NEH grant, I was awarded a Fall 2021 sabbatical from my home institution to write my book.
Year: 2021