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Sparks: Writing China's Unofficial History
Ian Johnson,

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Chinese Medicine in the Covid Wards (Article)
Title: Chinese Medicine in the Covid Wards
Author: Ian Johnson
Abstract: In mid-February 2020, during the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak in China, Liu Lihong, a slight man with a wispy beard, made his way into Hankou Hospital No. 8 in Wuhan. Dressed in an all-white infectious disease suit, the only equipment he carried was a small box of acupuncture needles.
Year: 2021
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Format: Other
Publisher: The New York Review

Author: Ian Johnson
Abstract: FORBIDDEN CITY: THE BOOK Newly published: a new photobook on the Forbidden City that I helped put together with the publisher Assouline. I wrote a 4,000-word introduction, in which I talk about how the Forbidden City has returned to the center of Chinese culture. In the past it was the epicenter of the Chinese political and spiritual world; now it is a centerpiece of government efforts to revive traditional culture as part of a political project to increase legitimacy. I focus my essay on Wang Jun, a former reporter and historian of Beijing. His book City Record (城記, which I reviewed for the NYRB in 2011) is a landmark in efforts to preserve the old city and he now works as a researcher for the Palace Museum.
Year: 2021
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Publisher: Assouline
Type: Single author monograph
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