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Products for grant HAA-261249-18

Implementing an Online Text-Editing Platform for Scholarly Editions
Andre De Tienne, Trustees of Indiana University, Indianapolis

Grant details:

TEI-XML Components (Computer Program)
Title: TEI-XML Components
Author: André De Tienne
Abstract: TEI-XML Components helps users learn, understand, and navigate among all the TEI components described in the TEI Guidelines swiftly and easily. It breaks the barrier that discourages many editors from embracing the TEI concept of encoding texts for the long-term benefit of humanities research. A particular challenge is to get a good grasp of the many mutual or hierarchical interdependencies within TEI’s XML structure. This software allows users, beginners or advanced, to understand the logic of those interdependencies through a navigational system that reveals connections between elements, attributes, values, attribute classes, datatypes, models, macros, and modules. It comes with two integrated but distinct sub-applications. "Explore TEI-XML Files" is one of them. It helps navigate XML files and extract encoded data from them. Users do not need to master programming languages such as XQuery to query the XML. After importing any XML file, users need only use pull-down menus to examine complete alphabetized lists of tag elements, attributes, and values found in that file. Users then select any of those XML components in any order to display their related contents or related encodings in the interface’s bottom field. Clicking any line in that bottom field selects and displays the related encoding in the XML file in the top field. The "XML:Lang Utility" is the other sub-application. It helps XML practitioners fill in correct values for the ubiquitous xml:lang attribute—the attribute in charge of identifying the language in which any portion of a text has been written or spoken. The app is based on the IANA “Language Subtags Registry”, a large database that provides a unique identifier for thousands of languages, dialects, idioms, scripts, and orthographies. The app not only provides the correct and well-structured code for any registered language, it also helps users discover languages and dialects while displaying more information than the Registry itself.
Year: 2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: A webpage within the official website of the Peirce Edition Project inder a tab labeled "TEI-XML Software". The webpage explains and illustrates the three applications contained in TEI-XML Components and allows people to download five distinct versions of the software (MacOSX, Linux 32 bit, Linux 64 bit, Windows 32 bit, and Windows 64 bit).
Access Model: The software is provided free of charge under a BY-NC-ND Creative Commons License defined within a document that accompanies the software.
Programming Language/Platform: The programming language is LiveCode Script (also known as Transcript), which compiles into C. Platforms: MacOSX, Linux, and Windows.
Source Available?: Yes

Sentential Search (Computer Program)
Title: Sentential Search
Author: André De Tienne
Abstract: This software is meant to help users search texts of any size but especially large ones for any string of interest either within distinct sentences or distinct paragraphs. The utility displays all results in ways that clearly readable, all strings being shown within the context of their expression, sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph, all at once. This utility is useful for TEI-XML encoders and others to explore XML files in ways that are fully readable (unhampered by encoding). It is also most useful to any other humanities and social science researchers in need of searching texts SENTENTIALLY. The utility, which supports drag and drop, can display texts with the following file extensions: doc, docx, docm, odt, txt, htm, html, rtf, rtfd, rnc, xml, xsl, odd, rng, and dtd.
Year: 2022
Access Model: free and open access
Programming Language/Platform: LiveCode script / LiveCode Platform : Mac and Windows
Source Available?: No