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Products for grant HAA-266518-19

Intertextual Bridges: Search and Navigation across Heterogeneous Collections
Robert Morrissey, University of Chicago

Grant details:

TopoLogic (Computer Program)
Title: TopoLogic
Author: Clovis Gladstone
Abstract: TopoLogic, a Topic Model generator and navigation system which is also available on GitHub: TopoLogic builds value-added services on top of the standard PhiloLogic index, leveraging topic-modeling techniques to offer an alternate way of exploring text collections. Topic-modeling, the algorithmic technique which we use for this new navigational tool, is an unsupervised machine learning approach designed to facilitate the exploration of large collections of texts where no topical information is provided. As such, this computational method can be a truly useful way of gaining a sense of the topical structure of a corpus -- i.e. to find out what's in there -- and how words are clustered together to form meaningful discourses. TopoLogic builds upon the topics and semantic fields generated by the algorithm to provide a web-based navigation system which lets users explore topics and discourses across time, as well as word usage within different contexts. The interaction of the three different schemes allows the user to navigate between alternative ways of considering topics across the collection.
Year: 2020
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Source Code
Secondary URL:
Secondary URL Description: Full Function Example
Access Model: Open Access
Programming Language/Platform: Python/Javascript
Source Available?: Yes