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Tribesourcing Southwest Film: Digital Repatriation
Jennifer Jenkins, Arizona Board of Regents

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Tribesourcing Southwest Film (Database/Archive/Digital Edition) [show prizes]
Title: Tribesourcing Southwest Film
Author: Melissa S. Dollman
Author: Jennifer L. Jenkins
Author: Rhiannon Sorrell
Abstract: Based on the collection of nearly 500 films in the American Indian Film Gallery housed at the University of Arizona, this project tribesources mid-20th century educational and sponsored films about Native peoples of the U.S. Southwest and (coming soon!) Southern California by recording Native narrations and contextual information for film content from the Native communities they represent. The films contain valuable historical visual imagery, but the original narrations are often inaccurate and culturally uninformed. Tribesourcing places historical materials with the peoples they represent in order to tell the untold or suppressed story. As we have conceived it, tribesourcing is guided by the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials (2006).
Year: 2019
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Access Model: Open