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Deep Mapping the Reducción: Building a Platform for Spatial Humanities Collaboration on the General Resettlement of Indians
Steven Wernke, Vanderbilt University

Grant details:

LOGAR: Linked Open Gazetteer of the Andean Region (Web Resources)
Title: LOGAR: Linked Open Gazetteer of the Andean Region
Author: Steven A. Wernke
Author: Jeremy Mumford
Abstract: LOGAR is a geographical index and map of places relevant to Andean studies. It focuses initially on the towns established during the mass colonial resettlement program known as the Reducción General de Indios (General Resettlement of Indians) of the Viceroy Francisco de Toledo. The Reducción forcibly resettled approximately 1.4 million native Andeans into over 1,000 reducción (literally, “reduction”) towns. Reducciones were founded (at least nominally) during the Visita General (Toledo’s tour of inspection and resettlement) between 1570 and 1575. The scope of LOGAR is initially limited to the area under most direct jurisdictional control of Viceroy Toledo—specifically, the audiencias of Lima and Charcas. LOGAR will be continuously updated by edited contributions by scholars of Andean history in various countries, who have expressed interest in having a tool and repository such as LOGAR.
Year: 2016
Primary URL: