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Products for grant HT-251006-16

Folger Shakespeare Library's "Early Modern Digital Agendas: Network Analysis (EMDA2017)" institute
Owen Williams, Folger Shakespeare Library

Grant details:

Glossary of Network Analysis terms (Web Resources)
Title: Glossary of Network Analysis terms
Author: Sebastian Ahnert
Abstract: Originally compiled in conjunction with the "Early Modern Digital Agendas: Network Analysis" institute in July 2017, the glossary below aims to help those learning how to use network analysis as an approach with common terms. Additions and updates are welcome.
Year: 2017
Primary URL:

Networking the Early Stuart Diplomatic Service: An Introduction (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Networking the Early Stuart Diplomatic Service: An Introduction
Author: Thea Lindquist
Abstract: The project focuses on a prosopography of the early Stuart diplomatic service (1603-1649) and networks among its members. The author described how she gathers, structures, analyzes, and visualizes biographical data associated with early Stuart diplomatic representatives. Discovering the patterns and connections in this data can help answer questions related to the increasing professionalization of the diplomatic service, among others. Learning more about factors such as the diplomats’ educational preparation, social status and mobility, career paths, and religious and political networks can provide a fuller and more nuanced understanding of the service’s evolution as an institution, as well as its role in operationalizing English foreign policy in this key period leading up to the Civil War and Interregnum. The project data are drawn from heterogeneous sources. One of the project’s goals is to produce a combined, enhanced data set on early Stuart diplomats to which related projects can readily link via standard identifiers and common data structures. The author presented her on-going project, the current state of her research, and shared preliminary results in this poster session.
Date: 10/19/17
Primary URL:
Conference Name: 4th Historical Network Research Conference, Turku, Finland

Report from the field: network analysis (Blog Post)
Title: Report from the field: network analysis
Author: Ruth Ahnert
Abstract: In July 2017 the Folger Institute welcomed participants and faculty to the third of its Early Modern Digital Agendas (EMDA) gatherings—an NEH-funded Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities. The EMDA institutes train early modern scholars in digital methods, digital tools, and theoretical frameworks, exposing them to the latest methods and thinking in the field, with faculty drawn from academia and beyond. This is an account from one of the co-directors
Date: 10/10/17
Primary URL:
Blog Title: The Collation: Research and Exploration at the Folger

Finding Early Modern Women’s Agency Through Network Analysis (Conference Paper/Presentation)
Title: Finding Early Modern Women’s Agency Through Network Analysis
Author: Catherine Medici-Thiemann
Author: Tara Wood
Author: Genelle Gertz
Abstract: This workshop features the work of three participants from the Early Modern Digital Agendas: Advanced Topics in Network Analysis institute. See the link for their workshop's abstract.
Date: 6/15/2018
Primary URL:
Conference Name: Attending to Early Modern Women 2018: Action and Agency (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)