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Foundations and Applications of Cultural Analytics in the Humanities
David Kinney, Princeton University

Grant details:

Foundations and Applications of Humanities Analytics, the online course (Course or Curricular Material)
Title: Foundations and Applications of Humanities Analytics, the online course
Author: David Kinney
Author: Simon DeDeo
Author: Carrie Cowan
Abstract: The Foundations & Applications of Humanities Analytics course is aimed at a broad range of humanities scholars. The course aims to empower scholars in the humanities by eliminating the “black box” of computational text analysis. Participants will gain a theoretical and practical understanding of text analysis methods, and will learn how to extract content and derive meaning from digital sources, enabling new humanities scholarship. The online course will interweave lectures and assignments that impart a foundational and philosophical understanding of humanities analytics techniques with those that apply this foundational understanding to real-world data sets arising in literary, cultural, and political contexts. Supplementary resources will introduce the necessary steps to get started with Python programming and Jupyter notebooks, though programming skills will not be taught – or required – during the course.
Year: 2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Homepage of the Complexity Explorer Website. You can access the online humanities course by logging into the complexity explorer website. Use the following username and passcode to view the course: email: password: NEH.ODH.iatdh
Secondary URL: N/A
Secondary URL Description: N/A
Audience: General Public

Advanced Humanities Institute Ep 1: Humanities on a Non-Human Scale (Radio/Audio Broadcast or Recording)
Title: Advanced Humanities Institute Ep 1: Humanities on a Non-Human Scale
Writer: N/A
Director: Craig Goldsmith
Director: Ellen Dornan
Producer: Craig Goldsmith
Producer: Ellen Dornan
Abstract: Join philosopher David Kinney, an Omidyar Postdoctoral Fellow at The Santa Fe Institute, and SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo, a cognitive scientist at Carnegie Mellon University who along with Carrie Cowan, SFI’s Director of Education, are leading a new effort called “Foundations and Applications of Humanities Analytics”, which seeks to help new humanities scholars study culture through computational tools and complexity science. This free program, starting in 2021, consists of an introductory online course and an in-person workshop.
Date: 1/4/2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Appearance on “Augmented Humanities” Podcast. Access to the first episode through the KUNM website.
Secondary URL: N/A
Access Model: Open Access
Format: Radio
Format: Digital File
Format: Web