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Products for grant MD-263922-19

The Anatolian Trail: An Indo-European Adventure
Andrew Byrd, University of Kentucky Research Foundation

Grant details:

The Anatolian Trail: Roots of the Ancients (demo) (Game/Simulation)
Title: The Anatolian Trail: Roots of the Ancients (demo)
Author: Andrew Byrd
Author: Brenna Byrd
Abstract: This is a brief demo of the game The Anatolian Trail: Roots of the Ancients, which was produced using funds from a Digital Projects for the Public Discovery grant. It is designed to engage a broad audience on the scholarship of Proto-Indo-European and ancient Indo-European (IE) languages and cultures. The game is set in the age of the Indo-Europeans, a prehistoric tribe that split into many of the cultures of Eurasia from the past 5000 years. By battling ancient monsters from IE folklore, gaining blessings from the gods of the IE pantheon, and even conversing with the locals in their native tongue, players will be able to experience first-hand the results of two centuries of scholarship.
Year: 2019
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This is a website that contains demos for the game, in both PC and Mac. (Currently, the PC demo is more stable than the Mac) It also contains links to videos of gameplay, the script, music, and the game's flowchart.
Access Model: Open Access
Programming Language/Platform: C#, Unity/PC & Mac
Source Available?: Yes