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Products for grant MT-277003-21

River of Time: A Game for Community Engagement
Alex Forist, Public Museum School

Grant details:

River of Time (Game/Simulation)
Title: River of Time
Author: Yeti CGI
Author: Grand Rapids Public Museum
Abstract: The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) will create a prototype for a web-based mobile game called River of Time that will encourage thousands of participants to explore the Grand River Watershed and interact with high quality humanities content at 12 interaction points around the region.The scalable prototype will be built within the official GRPM GitHub repository and will inform the development of a future platform to allow the GRPM to deliver curated information, digital collections, and engaging, interactive experiences at historically and culturally significant real world locations. Because the game prototype will run in a web-browser, anyone will be able to access it for free using their own device. This prototype platform will lay the foundation for even broader community engagement that directly ties the human experience of exploring your place to museum-quality content.
Year: 2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: Landing Page for the River of Time ambient user experience. Visitors use their physical location and their smart device to explore the history and culture of the Grand River region as told by the artifacts they collect along the way. Each artifact contains a piece of the River of Time story and an experience that helps connect the user directly to the wonderful materials and information crafted through partnerships with local experts and humanities scholars.
Access Model: open access
Programming Language/Platform: Web, JS (PublicOS)
Source Available?: Yes