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Products for grant PW-259116-18

Transcribing AILLA: Increasing Collection Access and Reusability through Crowdsourced Transcription
Virginia Burnett, University of Texas, Austin

Grant details:

Transcriptions of Mixtec Language Surveys (Web Resources)
Title: Transcriptions of Mixtec Language Surveys
Author: Kathryn Josserand
Author: Ryan Sullivant
Abstract: This collection contains digital transcriptions of originally handwritten transcriptions of audio recordings of language variation surveys in Mixtec (and other closely related) languages. The audio recordings that correspond to these transcriptions are found can be found in the MesoAmerican Languages Collection of Kathryn Josserand. This collection contains three kinds of documents: Texts with the digital transcriptions in PDF formatting Images and Texts which are PDF documents showing the image of the manuscript alongside their transcription, and Datasets that present survey data in tabular CSV formats. These materials were produced by volunteer transcribers as part of an NEH-funded pilot project to crowdsource the transcription of the handwritten documents. This project was supervised by Ryan Sullivant with technical assistance by May Helena Plumb.
Year: 2020
Primary URL: