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Products for grant PW-264060-19

Sharing 7,000 Years of Egyptian Culture with the American Research Center in Egypt's Open Access Conservation Archive
Yasmin El Shazly , American Research Center in Egypt

Grant details:

Prototype site for ARCE conservation archives web portal (Web Resources)
Title: Prototype site for ARCE conservation archives web portal
Author: Notch8 (est. 2007), website developer specializing in Ruby on Rails applications
Author: ARCE Archive Project team (Yasmin El Shazly, Andreas Kostopoulos, Talya Stanke, Tessa Litecky)
Abstract: Notch8, a web consultancy based in San Diego, California, is ARCE's development partner on the Conservation Archives web portal front-end. ARCE hired Notch8 to build an Archives web portal interface, as well as harvest digital assets from UCLA Library in order to publish the pilot collections online. Notch8 has been involved with digital repositories since 2016, including multiple Blacklight-based applications like this project. This prototype site eventually will go live in the form of an open access and free to use web portal adopting a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA), in early Fall 2020. The arce/archive web portal will host five different collections (Red Monastery Architectural Conservation, Conservation of Alsam Al Silahdar, The Funerary Enclosure of Shunet El Zebib, Conservation of Luxor Roman Wall Paintings and Tomb of Anen) making available images, reports and graphic documentation to the public.
Year: 2020
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This URL is a staging site that contractor Notch8 developed and shared with ARCE project team so they can experience the feeling of the interface and work on the desired facets and discuss on possible improvements. Also, staging site ascertains that the forthcoming ARCE conservation archive web portal will resemble the frontend. There's no fixed timeline to pull down the staging site, and it should be live at least until we have a live production site url to share with the public by early Fall 2020. However a prototype site in working order is not guaranteed as the staging server is more vulnerable and developers might move to different server.In this case the prototype site might not load.