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Post-Doctoral Rome Prize Fellowships in the Humanities
Mark Robbins, American Academy in Rome

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Trojan Temporality and the Materiality of Literary History (Public Lecture or Presentation)
Title: Trojan Temporality and the Materiality of Literary History
Abstract: The matter of Troy in the medieval Latin West sustains a vision of the city of Troy as ever present yet always already destroyed: a city that exists outside of time. In medieval historiography, the Fall of Troy results in the Trojan diaspora and the settlement of Europe by Trojan refugees who flee the burning city; the fall of Troy consequently makes the narrative of European history possible. This vision of Trojan ancestry as a myth of origins is often invoked to express a vision of European futurity. This paper will explore how the /translatio /of the matter of Troy generated its own temporality. In the absence of the Homeric epics, the matter of Troy was transmitted to the medieval West by the Latin prose texts attributed to Dares and Dictys. These texts represent themselves as the /translatio /of ancient Greek textual traditions and simultaneously as the material transmission of these traditions from papyrus to parchment. The vernacular itinerary of the Latin texts of Dares and Dictys create a distinct Trojan temporality. In the twelfth-century /Roman de Troie/, Benoît de Sainte-Maure insists that the materiality of translation practices allows the reader to participate directly in the Trojan War, while two centuries later, the visual program in a manuscript of Raoul de Presles’ translation of Augustine’s /De Civitate Dei/ encapsulates the atemporality of Troy as transmitted by Dares.
Author: Marilynn Desmond
Date: 01/21/2016
Location: University of Cambridge, UK
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Introduzione storico-filosofica al Gymnasticus di Filostrato (English translation: Introduction to Philostratus' Gymnasticus) (Book Section)
Title: Introduzione storico-filosofica al Gymnasticus di Filostrato (English translation: Introduction to Philostratus' Gymnasticus)
Author: Heather Reid
Editor: Paolo Madella
Editor: Heather Reid
Editor: Emanuele Isidori
Editor: Alessandra Fazio
Abstract: This is a new Italian translation of Philostratus’ 3rd century CE essay on athletic training, On Gymnastics (Peri Gymnastike) with introductions and commentary aimed at scholars of sport history, philosophy, and pedagogy. Paolo Madella’s translation includes introductory notes and extensive footnotes that take into account recent scholarship as well as ancient context. Heather L. Reid provides a philosophical-historical introduction to the text, Emanuele Isidori and Alessandra Fazio offer a practical pedagogical interpretation of the text, and Fernando Garcia Romero opens the discussion with a preface that situates the text within the ancient and modern literature on sport. This is a new look aimed at modern sport scholars at the most complete text we have on ancient sport.
Year: 2015
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Publisher: Sette Città
Book Title: Filostrato: sull’Allenamento
ISBN: 9788878533820