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Products for grant RQ-266076-19

The Papers of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)
James McClure, Trustees of Princeton University

Grant details:

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 44: 1 July to 10 November 1804 (Book)
Title: The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 44: 1 July to 10 November 1804
Editor: James P. McClure
Editor: Martha J. King
Editor: Tom Downey
Editor: W. Bland Whitley
Editor: Andrew J. B. Fagal
Editor: Merry Ellen Scofield
Editor: Linny Schenck
Editor: Alison E. Dolbier
Abstract: This volume includes full texts of 617 edited documents plus five appendices (two of which include edited documents) comprehending Thomas Jefferson's papers during more than four months in 1804, when he was in his first term as president of the United States. Topics covered in the volume include the establishment of Orleans Territory; U.S. relations with Great Britain and Spain; Jefferson's 1804 Annual Message to Congress; and (as Appendix II) the first portions of the system of lists he initiated to keep track of guests at dinners at the President's House.
Year: 2019
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Type: Edited Volume
ISBN: 9780691194370
Copy sent to NEH?: Yes

The Jefferson Weather & Climate Records (Web Resources)
Title: The Jefferson Weather & Climate Records
Author: Thomas Jefferson
Abstract: This digital resource contains transcribed texts of handwritten documents, supplemented by contextual and explanatory apparatus, from Thomas Jefferson’s papers. The main body of the content consists of the record of daily meteorological observations he maintained, with gaps, from July 1776 to June 1826. In this period Jefferson noted weather conditions at 99 locations, including his home in Virginia, Monticello; Paris, France; Philadelphia; and Washington, D.C. The second category of source texts consists of other documents from Jefferson’s papers that relate to weather or climate and take a variety of forms, including summary tables, descriptive notations, and graphs.
Year: 2019
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: The home page of the web resource