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The Papers of U.S. President George Washington (1732-1799)
Jennifer Stertzer, University of Virginia

Grant details:

The Papers of George Washington, Revolutionary War Series: Volume 27, 5 July - 27 August, 1780 (Book)
Title: The Papers of George Washington, Revolutionary War Series: Volume 27, 5 July - 27 August, 1780
Author: George Washington
Editor: Jennifer E. Steenshorne, Director and Editor in Chief
Editor: William M. Ferraro, Senior Associate Editor
Editor: Thomas E. Dulan, Associate Editor
Editor: Adrina Garbooshian-Huggins, Assistant Editor
Editor: Dana J. Stefanelli, Assistant Editor
Editor: Jeffrey L. Zvengrowski, Assistant Editor
Editor: Jennifer E. Stertzer, Director, Center for Digital Editing
Editor: Erica Cavanaugh, Research Editor, Center for Digital Editing
Editor: Benjamin L. Huggins, Associate Editor and Volume Editor
Abstract: Three major themes dominate George Washington’s correspondence in volume 27 of the Revolutionary War Series: the arrival of a French expeditionary army and navy, the urgent need to prepare the Continental army for a joint Franco-American offensive to take New York City, and the cultivation of Washington’s relationship with Lieutenant General Rochambeau, the commander of the French army. Urgency and vigor typified Washington’s planning throughout, as he raised new Continental troops, obtained militia reinforcements, increased stocks of ammunition, gathered wagons and horses, and recognized that he and Rochambeau possessed similar views on campaign plans and other matters—a development that would ultimately prove essential to victory at Yorktown and the successful conclusion of the war.
Year: 2019
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Access Model: Book
Publisher: Charlottesville and London: University of Virginia Press
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9780813943039
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