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Richard Rufus Project
Rega Wood, Indiana University, Bloomington

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The Philosophies of Robert Grosseteste and Richard Rufus of Cornwall (Conference/Institute/Seminar)
Title: The Philosophies of Robert Grosseteste and Richard Rufus of Cornwall
Author: Neil Lewis
Abstract: The workshop was held at Georgetown University in Washington, DC on Friday March 11 and Saturday March 12, 2016. The theme of the workshop was the philosophy of Robert Grosseteste and Richard Rufus of Cornwall. A group of scholars working on the philosophical thought of these figures shared their work on them with each other. In addition to helping understand these philosophers better, the organizer hoped the conference would increase awareness of the importance of Richard Rufus and Robert Grosseteste. Presenters were Richard Rufus Project (RRP) editors, Neil Lewis and Rega Wood who introduced Richard Rufus and explained the significance of Grosseteste's influence on Rufus; a past RRP contributor, R. James Long, who helped clarify Rufus' attacks on Richard Fishacre; Santiago Melo-Arias, who has been preparing English translations for the RRP website, on Rufus's fundamental ontological views; Wood again, with Rufus on Universals; Chris Martin on the relevance of Rufus' understanding of Aristotelian epistemology to contemporary disputes; Jennifer Ottman on the influence of Rufus; and Timothy Noone, the only presenter without an affiliation with RRP, on Rufus' critical response to St. Bonaventure.
Date Range: 03/11/2016-03/12/2016
Location: Center for Medieval Philosophy, Georgetown University, Washington, DC
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Primary URL Description: Center for Medieval Philosophy's conference website