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The Howard Thurman Papers Project
Walter Fluker, Boston University

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The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Volume 3, The Bold Aventure, September 1943-May 1949 (Book)
Title: The Papers of Howard Washington Thurman: Volume 3, The Bold Aventure, September 1943-May 1949
Author: Howard Washington Thurman
Editor: Kai Jackson Issa, Consulting Editor
Editor: Walter Earl Fluker, Senior Editor
Editor: Peter Eisenstadt, Associate Editor
Editor: Silvia P. Glick, Managing Editor
Editor: Luther E. Smith, Jr., Senior Advisory Editor
Editor: Quinton H. Dixie, Consulting Editor
Abstract: This is a multivolume, chronological documentary edition of the writings of a leader in the intellectual and religious life of United States in the mid–twentieth century. Thurman met with Mahatma Gandhi in 1936; he later became a founder of the civil rights movement and a mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and others. In 1953 Life magazine named Thurman one of the twelve greatest preachers of the century. This volume documents Thurman's 1940s founding and leadership of the Fellowship Church for All Peoples in San Francisco, California—the nation's first major interracial, interfaith church, in a city far from the mainstream of black life. The war years worried him, with America’s willingness to accept things that had been intolerable in peacetime, an emphasis on destroying enemies—real and imagined—and the conviction that the only way to solve problems was through the use of force. His letters, essays, and sermons show Thurman struggling to define and maintain the interracial character and practice of Fellowship Church, building its programs and membership while constantly wrestling with financial and location problems and preserving its separation from other organizations, most notably the Communist Party and its adult education program, the California Labor School. Thurman was also becoming more of a national figure, partly a result of the attention given to the Fellowship Church in publications such as Time magazine, but also because he had begun to publish regularly. From his first book, The Greatest of These, it was only three years until his Ingersoll lecture at Harvard, "The Negro Spiritual Speaks of Life and Death," was offered by Harper. Two years later Thurman published what has proven his most enduring work, Jesus and the Disinherited, arguing that the key to understanding the religion of Jesus was his lack of Roman citizenship, a condition Thurman compared to the lives of Southern black people, who, like Jesus, were effectively disinherited.
Year: 2015
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Publisher: Columbia: University of South Carolina Press
Type: Scholarly Edition
ISBN: 9781611175417
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